November Fitness Incentive

Armistice / Veteran’s Workout of the Day

November Fitness Incentive


11 minutes of work represents the rich history of veteran’s day.

2 minutes of reflection represent the amount of silence at the tomb of the unknowns.

1st round of work represents veterans of wars past.

2nd round of work represents veterans of present & future wars.

This exercise connects veterans & the community with the accomplishment of historic & meaningful shared support for the country.


5-10 minute dynamic warm-up

100 meter sprint

11 sit-ups

11 air squats

100 meter sprint

22 sit-ups

22 air squats

100-meter sprint

33 sit-ups

33 air squats


2 minutes of rest and reflection


100 meter sprint

11 pushups

11 box jumps (20-24”)

100 meter sprint

22 pushups

22 box jumps (20”-24”)

100-meter sprint

33 pushups

33 box jumps


Complete the workout during the month of November to honor our veteran’s.


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