Auto Skills Center

The Auto Skills Center is a do-it-yourself automotive repair facility where you, the customer, can make repairs on your vehicle.  From the beginner to the experienced mechanic, we have what you need to do most automotive repairs.

The Shop has two drive-on lifts and two frame lifts.  We give out a toolbox with metric and standard wrenches and sockets, screwdrivers, pliers and oil filter wrenches for easy access.

Services provided are: Brake Rotor (on-the-car) Resurfacing, Battery Charging, Computer Spin Balance, Tire Repair, Air Conditioning Service, code reader and Texas State Inspections.

Texas State Inspections are performed:

Tuesday - Saturday 0800 - 1630

MWR Resale Lot:

Need a place to park your FOR SALE car, truck, boat or travel trailer?  Try using the MWR Resale Lot located on Lexington Blvd. near Pass and Tag.  Monthly Cost $20.00.  Limit of 3 consecutive months per vehicle, boat or travel trailor.  Must have current registration and proof of insurance when registering your vehicle, boat or travel trailor at the Auto Skills Center for the MWR Resale lot.