Auto Services

Auto Services is a do-it-yourself automotive repair facility where you, the customer, can make repairs on your vehicle.   We have what you need to do most automotive repairs.

The Shop has two drive-on lifts and two bays.  We check out a toolbox with metric and standard wrenches and sockets, screwdrivers, pliers and oil filter wrenches for easy access.


MWR Resale Lot:

Need a place to park your FOR SALE car, truck, boat or travel trailer?  Try using the MWR Resale Lot located on Lexington Blvd. near Pass and Tag.  Monthly Cost $20.00.  Limit of 3 consecutive months per vehicle, boat or travel trailor.  Must have current registration and proof of insurance when registering your vehicle, boat or travel trailor for the MWR Resale lot.