Child Development Center

Navigating Navy Childcare Excellence

The Child Development Center (CDC) is designed to meet the individual developmental needs of military children by offering quality childcare. The CDC provides low adult-to-child ratios that support quality experiences for young children; onsite.  The CDC supports parent involvement and works with a team of professionals to ensure the inclusion of all children. All Navy-operated programs use The Creative Curriculum, a standard curriculum model designed to support individualized planning for children while guiding their learning as meaningful and purposeful experiences. This research-based curriculum approach fosters early brain development and school success thus providing continuity for military families adapting to frequent moves between installations. The CDC offers full daycare for children 6 weeks to 5 years old (if not eligible for school). Staff work in partnership with parents to meet each individual child's needs in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment. Hourly care is available.

Helpful Links:  This is our website so that parents can get on the waiting list for military childcare.   :  This is the website is for parents who cannot find care within our CYP.  They must be registered on and on a waitlist to qualify.