NAS Corpus Christi RV Park

Current camping rates:

Tent: (No Hook Ups) - $17.00 per night - Military; $19.00 per night - Civilian

Dry: (No Hook-Ups - $20.00 per night - Military; $22.00 per night - Civilian

30 AMP (W.S. 30 amp) - $22.00 per night - Military; $25.00 per night - Civilian

50 AMP (W.S. 50 amp) - $25.00 per night - Military; $27.00 per night - Civilian

Amentities include:  Free Laundry and Wi-Fi

Welcome to the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi’s Recreational Vehicle (RV) Parks! It is our goal and desire to ensure that you have an enjoyable visit with us in South Texas. Our RV parks consist of two areas, RV Park A and RV Park B.  Both areas are located on Naval Air Station Corpus Christi (NASCC), approximately six miles south of the City of Corpus Christi. Each park has water, 30 amp and 50 amp electric hookups, and sewer available. RV Park B also has 12 spaces without utilities for ‘dry camping’. All RV sites have a picnic table and free Wi-Fi available throughout. Additional facilities include: two community buildings, showers, restrooms, and two laundry rooms, as well as Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) handicap-accessible sites, restrooms, and showers. There is a sewer dump station located at Park B and recreation areas are available for outdoor activities such as football, softball, volleyball, horseshoes, and badminton. Ice is are available for purchase at the RV Park office building 4008.



  • MWR RV Parks were developed to provide a place conducive to recreation, fellowship, and enjoyment of the natural environment. Keeping this objective in mind, activities should be planned in accordance with these rules and regulations.



  • The parks are open to active duty, retired military, 100% disabled veterans and authorized civilians on a space available basis. The parks are open to the public during the off-season, provided they have a current MWR Guest Card. Reservations are limited to three months.
  • The off-season is defined as the period between 01 April and 30 September, while the peak season is defined as the period between 01 October and 30 March. Eligible personnel, excluding regular civilians, may sponsor guests on a maximum of two RV sites (subject to the maximum occupancy limit of six per site).



  • It is the responsibility of all patrons and guests to follow all rules and regulations as well as local, state, and federal laws. Sponsors are personally responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  • Camp host(s) will remind all patrons and guests of the park’s rules and regulations. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure a safe and secure environment for all to use and enjoy.
  • All patrons will be held responsible for any damage or destruction they cause to the park facilities, buildings, or grounds.
  • All violations must be reported to the park office, manager, Host, or law enforcement personnel. Call 911 in the event of an emergency.


Emergency Information and Procedures

  • In the event of any emergency in an RV unit, turn on 4-way emergency flashers when available.
  • Notify Base Fire and Emergency Services (361-961-3333), Security (361-961-2282), or immediately call 911.
  • Notify the park office, manager, or host as soon as possible. (361-961-1293)
  • In the event of potentially destructive weather, patrons will check with park office staff for current conditions and potential evacuation instructions.
  • Evacuation will be voluntary during Tropical Cyclone Condition III. Evacuation of recreational vehicles and all personnel is mandatory during Condition I or II.
  • Patrons who will be absent from the park for a period of more than two days will inform the park office accordingly and provide a telephone number to be called for any emergency or evacuation.
  • If a mandatory evacuation is ordered, a per diem site rent credit will be applied to the patron’s account for the length of time from the start of evacuation to the time the order is lifted. If the patron elects not to return, any refunds will be in accordance with the existing refund policy.



  • The installation RV Parks are available to individuals, groups, and organizations wishing to use the facilities for purposes that are within the standards set forth herein. Each year the park officials and management review and set the site rental fee structure for that year.
  • All reservations will be secured with a credit card at the time of reservation is made. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The maximum time a site may be reserved for is three months. Extensions may be granted by the MWR Director on a case-by-case basis if space is available.
  • A one-day reservation will be reserved at the assigned site for one night; one full week will reserve seven nights; and a monthly reservation will be for thirty nights. Rates are based on eligibility status: Military (Active Duty, Retired, Disabled, or Reserve), Civilian (DOD, Homeland Security), or sponsored guest.
  • Active duty and reservists may make reservations one year in advance. Retired military may make reservations six months in advance. All other patrons may make reservations four months in advance. All reservations are required to be secured with a deposit.
  • Reserved sites will be held for twenty-four hours beyond the original check-in time and date. Cancellation policies apply once this grace period has expired.



  • A minimum cancellation fee equal to one night will be charged for all cancellations.
  • A one-night reservation must be cancelled twenty-four hours prior to arrival date.
  • A weekly reservation must be cancelled twenty-four hours prior to arrival date.
  • A monthly or longer reservation must be cancelled at least 14 days prior to arrival date; in which case the deposit will be non-refundable.


Deposits and Refunds

  • One night reservation requires a non-refundable deposit of one night site fee. This deposit will be credited toward the site rent due upon arrival to the park.
  • Any reservation of at least a month in duration will require a non-refundable deposit equal to seven nights.
  • Refunds of pre-paid site fees may be refunded at management’s discretion for early departure in the event of verified extreme hardship, medical emergency, or evacuation notice.
  • Any refund granted during the peak season will be subject to a 10 percent administration fee and will be deducted from the refund proceeds.


Length of Stay

  • Length of stay is subject to availability. A site may not be reserved for longer than three months.
  • Requests for monthly extensions may be granted subject to space availability.
  • Extensions of stay are approved through the park office at the manager’s discretion.



  • The NASCC RV Parks do NOT provide accident, health, or liability insurance. Patrons not affiliated with NASCC/MWR will sign a Hold Harmless Agreement relieving NASCC/MWR, their employees, and MWR RV Parks of any and all responsibility or liability for any injury or damages that the patron, sponsored guests, or anyone invited by the guest may endure.
  • All patrons utilizing the RVs/Trailer Campers shall provide proof of ownership and current liability insurance at the time of check-in.


Arrival and Check-out

  • Check-in time is not before 1400 and check-out time is 1100. If site is not vacated before 1400, an additional daily rental fee will be charged. If the site is not vacated prior to 1700 on the scheduled day of departure, a daily fee of $200.00 per night will be charged until site is vacated.
  • All arrivals and departures are required to check-in and out of the park office or with the Host after- hours when the office is closed.
  • Park office will operate on a summer and winter schedule and such schedule will be posted on the office exterior entrance door.
  • A notice to patrons advising of the designated on duty Host and site will be posted on office door. Patrons arriving late or when office is closed will check-in with Host upon arrival.
  • If a patron departs before office is open, the Host on duty will check-out departing camper.
  • Patrons are required to provide the park with each vehicle’s vehicle tag number upon check-in.
  • Sponsors will check-in with their sponsored guests,
  • Any other arrangements must be approved by management in writing with the reservation.



  • Reservation times MUST be strictly followed to allow for preparation of facilities and equipment and to ensure a smooth transition between patrons arriving and departing. Reservations are only to be held after the appropriate deposit is received. Deposits will be credited to the patron’s rental fee balance due upon arrival.


Site Occupancy and Usage

  • All RVs must be parked on the assigned site and use the assigned driveway for POV parking. Parking a vehicle, dollies, or additional storage trailers or tenting on grass is prohibited.
  • Sites are restricted to registered patrons and sponsored guests; maximum occupancy is six people per site.
  • One RV and two POV vehicles are permitted per site.
  • Trailers, boats, or additional vehicles must be registered through the park office and parked in the assigned overflow parking space.
  • RV units or sites will not be subleased or released to other individuals. The registered patron must occupy the site and RV.
  • The RV may not be vacated for more than 48 hours during Hurricane Season between June 01 and December 31 or 72 hours between January 01 to May 31 without prior notice and approval by management. Failure to notify and get approval could result in additional fees and removal from the park.
  • RVs and sites will not be used for commercial purposes.
  • In ground gardening, permanent landscaping, large potted plants, or any type of “homestead” appearance is prohibited.
  • All picnic tables and grills will be kept off the grass areas and placed on concrete patio pads. Clotheslines, fences, dog lots or pens, and storage sheds are not permitted. No items will be tied to vegetation, trees, or structures of any kind.
  • All trash will be placed in dumpsters provided at various locations throughout the parks. Household trash, furnishings or RV parts will NOT be deposited in trash receptacles located at the community buildings, laundry rooms, toilets, or showers.
  • Outdoor carpets, mats, tents, or screen rooms must remain on the concrete patio pad, NOT on grass areas.
  • No items or structures will be permitted on any sites that will detract from the parks’ aesthetics.
  • All appliances except for barbeques, must be contained within the RV. All electrical appliances, equipment or tools cannot be on the RV pad or grass and must draw electricity from the RV, not from the site pedestal.


Vehicle Rules

  • The speed limit of 10 mph throughout the park is strictly enforced. Base Security will issue citations to violators.
  • Only two vehicles are permitted at each site.
  • Vehicles may not park on grassy areas, but only in assigned spaces.
  • Roads and driveways will not be obstructed.
  • Parking is only permitted in designated areas.
  • All drivers must operate their vehicles in accordance with posted base regulations and applicable federal, state, and local laws.
  • Vehicle repairs or maintenance work is not permitted at camp site; the auto skills center is located on the base for the convenience of our eligible patrons.


Water Usage

  • Patrons must immediately take responsibility and repair any water leaks from water pipe, hose, or faucet hookups.
  • Owners may use a bucket of water and brush to remove road debris from their RV. Use of hoses and spraying of vehicles and RVs is prohibited.



  • Sewer hoses must have an airtight fitting, elbow, seal, or donut at the connection.
  • Dumping of gray or black water tanks onto the ground is strictly prohibited.
  • All sewage waste water will be dumped in sewers on site or dump station. If spillage occurs, patrons will hose down area and immediately notify park office staff or Host.
  • Environmental problems must be immediately addressed for the safety of all employees, patrons, and guests.


Pets and Animals

  • Patrons may keep no more than three pets per site. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the MWR Director.
  • Management reserves the right to restrict the breed, size, and temperament of pets allowed in the park.
  • All pets must be registered at the park office at the time of check-in. Written verification of the pet’s current rabies and vaccination with tags available must be provided.
  • All pets must be kept on a leash, not to exceed six feet in length.
  • Pets are NOT permitted in community buildings, bath facilities, or laundry except for service animals.
  • Pets are NOT permitted to walk or roam on other neighboring sites.
  • Pets must be confined to the RV when patrons are away, NOT left tied, fenced, or unattended. Erecting fencing is prohibited, however, small cages on the concrete pads are acceptable provided owners are present anytime their pet is outside the RV.
  • Pets may not be left unattended for more than 12 hours.
  • Pets must be under positive control of a responsible adult at all times and may NOT be unleashed until inside the camper.
  • Any concrete area where a pet urinates must be hosed or washed down promptly, after the occurrence.
  • If a pet causes significant disturbances, is found running loose, or constitutes a danger to guests, the owner may be asked to leave, subject to management’s discretion.
  • Patrons who fail to comply with pet regulations will be required to leave the park and forfeit any site rents.
  • NASCC regulations strictly forbid the feeding of all wildlife or stray animals that are on the installation.



  • Parents and/or guardians of children are responsible for the behavior, actions, and safety of their children at all times on the base.
  • Scooters, bicycles, skates, rollerblades, skateboards, and other human-powered vehicles are prohibited on sidewalks and breezeways, with the exception of vehicles for the handicapped.
  • Parents/ guardians will be notified of a child’s unruly behavior. The first notification will be a warning; and the second notice will require for patrons to leave and forfeit any site rents. An incident report will be filed by park staff.
  • Park facilities will not be used as a playground other than the designated areas.
  • Children under the age of ten must have adult supervision at all times.


Park and Facilities

  • Common areas and facilities are for enjoyment of all registered guests.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all government and park buildings.
  • Community buildings may not be used for group meetings without consent from staff.
  • Park cleanliness is the responsibility of all. Patrons are required to maintain a clean, friendly, and safe environment.
  • All kitchen spaces, appliances, and items must be thoroughly cleaned after each use.
  • Do not leave stove or microwave unattended during use.
  • Items stored in refrigerators must be labeled (with owner’s name, date, and site number), and must be removed upon check-out.
  • Laundry facilities and equipment are not to be used for cleaning any items other than clothing. Any person violating this rule will be reported to law enforcement and will be required to forfeit all their base privileges other than that of an employee.
  • Laundry facilities are available 24 hours a day to park patrons. Washing supplies must be provided by the user. The user MUST clean dryer filter after each use and dispose of any lint or trash in the receptacles. Any unauthorized person found using the laundry will be reported to security and will have base privileges terminated.
  • Rubberized or rubber-backed rugs, shoes, or boots are not permitted to be put in dryers.
  • Pet items are not permitted in washers and dryers. These must be laundered at a commercial laundry facility outside the installation.
  • All spills are to be cleaned immediately and reported to park staff.
  • A storage facility is available to all patrons for a monthly fee if space is available at that time.


Camp Site Fires

  • Outdoor fires, both wood and propane, are prohibited in the park. The use of barbeque pits is limited to use on the site pad only.
  • Use of communal fire pits installed by MWR must be approved by management.


Quiet Hours

  • Park quiet hours are from 2200 to 0700.
  • Excessive noise from barking dogs, radios, TV’s, and screaming is prohibited. Failure to maintain a tolerable noise level or disorderly conduct by adults or children is prohibited. Any infractions of these noise rules will result in an incident report being filed with management and/or law enforcement officials.
  • Operation of electric generators, engines, and motors, except for movement of a vehicle, is not permitted between 2200 and 0700.



  • Patrons are responsible for the cleanliness of their sites. Sewer caps must be replaced after removing the sewer hose from an inlet.
  • All trash and litter must be picked up from the site and driveway.
  • All garbage bags must be placed in dumpsters provided throughout the parks.
  • Household garbage or trash shall not be deposited in the receptacles in or around the community building, laundry, or toilet/ bath facility.
  • Please recycle with recycling bins.


Base Policies

  • Bicycle riders are required to always wear helmets.
  • Joggers, walkers, and runners have the right of way.
  • Fireworks and firecrackers of any kind are prohibited onboard the installation.
  • All weapons and firearms must be declared with security and submitted to the Security Department during the visit in accordance with their Standard Operating Procedures. No personal firearms are permitted in the RV Parks.


Rally Procedures

  • More than four RVs traveling and/ or visiting together as a group is considered a rally.
  • Rally reservations are permitted from May 1 through September
  • Rally reservations may be made one year in advance.
  • The maximum number of rally rigs is based on site availability.
  • Wagon masters may sponsor up to six RV units.
  • The minimum length of stay is three days.
  • Reservations must be secured by full payment for all RV sites including a $150.00 security deposit.
  • Cancellations must be received no later than 14 days prior to rally date in order to receive a refund. A $100.00 administrative fee will be charged and deducted from the refund. A cancellation of less than 14 days will result in forfeiture of the entire deposit.
  • Requests for changes or cancellations must be submitted to the park in writing.
  • Community buildings and park facilities may not be closed to regular park patrons during rally meetings without prior management approval.
  • Rally participants will not switch sites after assignment by the rally master or park staff.
  • Campground and facilities will be left in a clean and undamaged condition upon departure. Failure to comply with this will result in forfeit of security deposit.



  • Fishing is permitted in all parks and base authorized areas.
  • A Texas fishing license is required and must be available upon inspection.
  • Please refer to Texas Parks and Wildlife Brochures, rules, and regulations.
  • Cleaning fish in any restroom, laundry room, or community room is strictly prohibited.


Rates and Fees

  • Rates are determined from time to time in order to financially maintain the park and facilities.
  • When rates are changed, reserved sites with full deposits will remain unchanged.
  • Rates can be changed at MWR and management discretion.
  • Active duty and retired military will receive discounts from regular rates.


Camp Hosts

  • Hosts are volunteers and shall not be considered employees.
  • Hosts are located at sites assigned by management and will be posted accordingly.
  • The host site will have a sign indicating Camp Host.
  • A sign will be posted at the front entrance of office advising who the duty Hosts are and at what site they can be found.
  • Host shall be available for patron assistance during the scheduled times.



  • MWR may terminate an RV Agreement due to mission requirements established by the CO. MWR may also terminate an Agreement for cause, based on any material violations of the RV Park policies or this instruction., failure to maintain required documentation, or revocation of base access/ administration privileges. All agreement terminations require approval by the MWR Director and notification to the CO.