Fitness Center



The goal of the Navy Fitness Program is to create "Fitness for Life" for the entire Navy population, including Active-Duty Sailors, Family Members, Retirees and DoD Civilians.

The Fitness Center offers an extensive array of equipment and classes to give you a fantastic workout.  Strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance and body composition can be improved with the help of our friendly, professional staff.  Services included at our facility are fitness assessments, personal training and group class instruction.

Check the MWR Corpus Christi FacebookPage for monthly fitness incentives, online virtual challengs or other fitness related activities.


Feel intimidated by all the equipment at the Fitness Center?  Interested in feeling stronger but don’t know where to start?

Equipment Orientation class at the Fitness Center

Fridays at 1700 by appointment.

Learn the basics with a certified professional at this small group style informative class.

Our goal is to help everyone feel knowledgeable and confident reaching their goals.  Personal trainers are also available for individualized programs and guidance.

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What’s Your Movement Baseline?

Functional Movement Screen available at the Fitness Center

The Functional Movement Screen tests seven fundamental movement patters that are key to identifying your functional movement quality.  The process provides a reliable baseline for actionable and effective steps to improve your performance and recovery.

Unlock your potential get screened and begin performing at your best.

The Fitness Center is now offering the functional movement screen by appointment.

Call 961-3164 to schedule your screen with a FMS Certified Professional NOW!

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Become a member of the 1000 LB /  600LB Club at the Fitness Express!

Just How Strong Are You?

Lift 600 LB or 1000 LB and set a personal record!

 Participants must lift a total of 1000 LB or 600 LB with a 3 Lift Challenge:  BENCH PRESS * SQUAT * DEADLIFT

Finishers will receive a Coin & Bragging Board Rights.



Appointment must be scheduled in advance.  See staff for Event Rules.